A series of short and possibly frightening peeks inside my head.

This will be a (hopefully) regularly updated set of columns covering a wide variety of subjects and experiences from the point of view of one who was born and raised and has lived his entire life in the heartland.

Volume 1: The Home State

Volume 2: Where Is Love on the Map?

Volume 3: Tarnished Glory

Volume 4: Brushes With Greatness

Volume 5: Faith and a Flawed Man

Volume 6: The Stuff of Life

Volume 7: Freedom of Noise

Volume 8: Perceptions

Volume 9: Conviction to a Cause for Dummies

Volume 10: Freedom and a Good Night's Sleep

Volume 11: Oh Say, Can You See?

Volume 12: My Life as a Listener

Volume 13: The Myth of Multitasking

Volume 14: Driving Ahead and Looking Back

Volume 15: On Foreign Shores

Volume 16: On Foreign Shores, Part 2

Volume 17: As the Ecosystem Turns

Volume 18: The Guilty Pleasure of James Freakin' Bond

Volume 19: The Cult of Celebrity Death

Volume 20: Rock Reflections I