Memories of my Father - George Willard Gibson, 11/18/1918 - 9/3/2012

This page will consist of random memories and commentary on my father's effect on my life. At various points throughout my life, I've managed to make a positive impression as a friend, as a Christian, as a worker, as a teammate, or even as a father and every time, it has been nothing more or less than me imitating the best role model a man could have. The format here will just be as a running blog of rembrences.

Entry 1: Responsibility

Entry 2: 806 Maplewood Drive

Entry 3: Death

Entry 4: The Mini-Airstream

Entry 5: Motivation

Entry 6: Occupational Safety

Entry 7: Lessons on the Trail

Entry 8: Tolerance and Discomfort

Entry 9: Fair Weather Fans and the National Pastime

Entry 10: Kodachrome Memories