Travelogue 2015: The Museum Crawl

I'm taking a vacation. And I don't mean some lame 'stay-cation' where you hang out on the couch and watch TV and eat nachos. I admit, that sounds mighty appealing just about now, but no - I long for something more. I want a little culture, I want a little enlightenment, I want out of Texas and I want to stop thinking about software configuration.

I originally planned to visit Yellowstone. I was going to head up there after the peak tourist season but before winter struck. The project I was working on kind of got in the way. I re-scheduled but that vacation got axed, also. Next week, the third attempt will commence and this time, I am outta here!

My plan is to head northwest, in the general direction of mountains. It's a bit late in the year for Colorado so I am headed into New Mexico. I'm going to do a museum crawl - I intend to visit a number of museums with a variety of subjects from art to history to science … I want it all! I also plan to update this travelogue on a daily basis, sharing photos and information as I go. It may not be of any interest to anyone, but I want to do it anyway.

The world is just too diverse and too interesting to sit here, play video games, and eat nachos.

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